Ted Barlow is responsible for overseeing the execution of a variety of litigation consulting engagements related to intellectual property, economic damages, and business valuation matters.

Mr. Barlow has over 20 years of experience in litigation consulting, including expert opinion preparation to trial and testimony. His experience includes the preparation and delivery of damages opinions relating to issues including patent infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of contract, product liability, false advertising, negligence, and trademark and/or copyright infringement. Mr. Barlow has prepared and evaluated lost profits, reasonable royalties, unjust enrichment, and other damages calculations in industries including health care, energy, heavy industrial equipment, telecommunications, food and beverage, finance, and biotechnology. In addition, Mr. Barlow has performed non-litigation consulting including valuing IP and IP licenses, measuring the economic impact of commercial development, and performing purchase price allocations.

Mr. Barlow has spoken and written on subjects including design patents, the America Invents Act, the use of Monte Carlo analysis in valuation, Samsung v. Apple, damages under the Lanham Act, patent litigation insurance, and the valuation of customer relationships as a component of oilfield services acquisitions.

Prior to joining BVA, Mr. Barlow served as a Director at Grant Thornton LLP and a Vice President at Duff & Phelps. Before entering litigation consulting, Mr. Barlow served as Director of Clinical Research for a health insurance consulting firm which worked to control insurers’ radiology costs without impacting patient care. He also worked in Enron’s London office as a statistical analyst for commodity metals trading, and spent four years in market research performing survey and focus group research.

Mr. Barlow holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Texas, a Masters of Arts degree from the University of Chicago, and a Bachelor of Arts with honors from Northwestern University. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner and a former board member of the Houston Licensing Executives Society.