Jody Bland is an economist with research and professional experience focused on securities analysis, financial markets and institutions, and antitrust economics.  His specialties include the application of quantitative methods, econometrics, and statistics to a variety of litigation and consulting engagements.  Specifically, Mr. Bland provides expert witness testimony along with financial and economic analyses to senior leadership at law firms, corporations, and government agencies to address their most pressing issues.

Mr. Bland has advised clients in an array of areas, including:

  • Served as expert witness on damages related to compensation of a class of civil immigrant detainees at ICE detention centers;
  • Provided expert opinions at settlement conference with SEC related to structured financial products on behalf of mutual fund;
  • Presented expert analyses at settlement conference with SEC related to cherry picking allegations on behalf of financial advisor;
  • Measurement of damages and evaluation of liability across numerous matters alleging monopolization, price fixing, group boycotts, exclusive dealings, and other types of anticompetitive actions;
  • Assessment of market power and definition of relevant antitrust markets under the rule of reason doctrine in antitrust cases;
  • Quantification of damages from anticompetitive behavior in multiple securities, commodity, and derivative markets;
  • Evaluation of causality and liability in commodity market manipulation claims involving crude oil, cotton, metals, and natural gas;
  • Valuation and statistical analyses of complex products, including swaps, futures, forwards, options, and bespoke instruments;
  • Evaluation of damages associated with failure of various asset-backed securities, structured financial products and other complex assets through use of Monte Carlo methods, roll-modeling, and other sophisticated statistical models;
  • Application of waterfall modeling to compute mortgage backed security certificate values;
  • Construction of event studies and financial models to measure share price artificiality in relation to 10b-5 securities class action; and
  • Testing for common impact and assessment of predominance claims in class certification.

Mr. Bland received a Master of Science degree in Economics and Philosophy, awarded with Distinction, from the London School of Economics and Political Science. In addition, he received a Bachelor of International Business and a Bachelor of Business Administration with concentrations in economics and finance, both from the University of Arkansas. Mr. Bland is also a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) Charterholder, awarded by the CFA Institute. He is a member of the CFA Society of Dallas-Fort Worth and the American Economic Association.

Prior to joining BVA, Mr. Bland was a Senior Vice President in AlixPartners, LLP’s Financial Advisory Services practice. Prior to that, he was a member of the PI Finance Advisory staff at Ernst & Young.