Jack Chen has over 16 years of experience providing economic valuations and litigation support to clients.  His specialties include securities litigation for both class-actions and opt-outs, breach-of-contract matters, damages claims under federal and state law, and economic valuations of equities, derivatives, and structured products. 

Mr. Chen has advised clients in an array of areas:

  • Assessment of the market efficiency of common stock, preferred stock, and American depositary receipts of various companies in the financial, biopharmaceutical, technology, telecommunications, oil, and mining industries.
  • Evaluation of loss causation and computation of damages in securities litigation matters for both class-action and opt-out claims.
  • Provided economic consultation to lead counsel on settlements and plans of allocations for class members.
  • Computation of damages suffered by purchasers of nonagency residential-mortgage-backed securities underwritten and/or sold by various underwriters and/or sellers under federal and blue-sky laws.
  • Analysis of lost-profits claims and computation of damages in various breach-of-contract matters in FINRA arbitration.
  • Evaluation of the risks and valuations of various types of securities, including collateralized debt obligations, mortgage-backed securities, auction-rate securities, contingent warrants and options of equities and fixed-income instruments, derivatives, and other structured products.
  • Assessment of the creditworthiness of unrated debt issues and assignment of synthetic credit ratings.
  • Analysis of the impact of naked short selling and computation of economic harm to shareholders.
  • Computation of the expected probabilities of default and valuation of debt securities offered for settlement considerations.
  • Assessment of the market demand and credit risks associated with auction rate credit-linked notes during the Financial Crisis, and the assessment of the fair market value of the securities.
  • Examination of a change of control provision for a convertible preferred stock, whose economic interest was adverse to holders of the common stock.
  • Computation of the amount of contractual accrued bond interest due and payable to investors of certain sovereign bonds issued by a sovereign entity that has subsequently defaulted.
  • Analysis of lost profits and disgorgement profits on claims against broker dealers and financial advisors for alleged breach of contract and solicitation of client accounts.
  • Evaluation of the fair value of contingent compensation awards on claims by former employees against the company for alleged breach of contract.

Mr. Chen received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University.  Mr. Chen is also a Chartered Financial Analyst® Charterholder, awarded by the CFA Institute.  He has coauthored a journal article assessing the negative impact of regulatory uncertainty over the reclassification of hybrid securities.

Prior to joining BVA, Mr. Chen was a Director at AlixPartners, LLP’s Financial Advisory Services practice.