New challenges and substantial growth opportunities continue for telecommunication companies. Whether the growth is in expanded services in developed countries or penetrating communications services in developing regions, opportunities abound. Communications is frequently the core of innovation and progress in many industries, including the continued expansion of mobile communications which can drive business decisions. BVA professionals have experience and can provide solutions, calculate economic effects and provide insight in the telecommunications field.

The Situation: Minority shareholders alleged CenturyLink violated provisions of the Texas Securities Act, breached their fiduciary duties, and aided and abetted co-defendants related to the sale of securities and mismanagement of a satellite-communications company.

The Action: On behalf of CenturyLink, BVA provided financial analysis of damages, bankruptcy implications, and valuation. BVA issued a rebuttal report and assisted with opposing expert challenges.

The Situation: UTE claimed ZTE misappropriated trade secrets and usurped the opportunity to rebuild the national telephony network in Liberia, after 13 years of civil war. ZTE is the third largest vendor of GSM hardware in the world, with annual revenues of approximately US$14 billion.

The Action: On behalf of the defendant, BVA rebutted plaintiff’s experts’ economic damages analyses. BVA’s testimony included analysis and discussion of the telecommunications industry within developing economies.

The Situation: IBM alleged that Iusacell breached a billion-dollar IT outsourcing agreement.  Iusacell claimed fraud under Mexican law and breach of contract, claiming over $4 billion in damages.

The Action: On behalf of Iusacell, produced expert analysis and supporting reports on Iusacell’s affirmative claims and rebutting IBM’s claims.   Provided significant consulting support and data analytics on non-damages issues.