Companies operating in the education industry today are faced with a rapidly changing business environment requiring continuous modernization of technological platforms and improved educational resources and content to maintain client engagement. Additionally, educational institutions are constantly searching for better ways to engage students through classroom interaction and technology resources. BVA Group’s professionals have a deep understanding of the issues faced by participants in the education industry, enabling us to provide our clients with insightful and efficient consulting regarding valuation, economic damages, and various corporate finance issues.

  1. BVA provided tax valuations to a startup in the educational software space that provides cloud-based services that allow school districts to store and analyze data pulled from students across the entire district.
  2. BVA provided financial reporting valuations and consulting services to assist in the development of revenue sharing arrangements for an entity that assisted post-secondary institutions throughout Latin America with distance learning activities as well as support for day-to-day operations and management consulting services.
  3. BVA performed numerous valuations for financial reporting and tax purposes for the largest national provider of legal education and bar preparation services in the United States.
  4. BVA performed financial repor ting valuations for an educational technology company providing software, student response systems, interactive whiteboards, wireless interactive tablets, and powerful enterprise-based administrator tools that can aggregate and analyze student performance data.