Financial Reporting

Business managers and investors today face increasingly complex and ever-evolving domestic and international financial reporting requirements and regulatory environment. At BVA Group, we have the fair value expertise and experience to address those intricate issues for you so you can focus on your business. Our professionals have significant experience navigating the increased scrutiny from audit firms, the SEC, and the PCAOB.

BVA regularly performs fair value analyses for the following purposes:

  • Purchase price allocations including valuation of tangible and intangible assets under FASB ASC topic 805
  • Goodwill impairment testing under FASB ASC topic 350
  • Impairment testing of long-lived assets under FASB ASC topic 360
  • Stock-based compensation under FASB ASC topic 718
  • Determining fair value of financial assets (including derivatives and swaps) under FASB ASC topic 820

Privately held companies also must determine the value of their stock prior to setting the stock option exercise price as required by IRC §409A. BVA regularly performs valuation of companies for this purpose, including venture-backed companies with multiple rounds of preferred equity financing. Our clients include public and private companies and our valuations have been reviewed by the SEC and PCAOB.

BVA’s professionals have the education, experience, skills, and certifications required to provide a quality analysis and are knowledgeable of the financial and valuation standards governing valuations performed for financial reporting.