Business managers and investors today face increasingly complex and ever-evolving domestic and international financial reporting requirements and regulatory environments.  Our professionals have an outstanding track record of efficiency and effectiveness in preparing analyses that withstand the scrutiny of audit firms and regulatory bodies.  BVA regularly performs fair value analyses for the following purposes: 

  • Purchase price allocations including valuation of tangible and intangible assets under FASB ASC topic 805 
  • Goodwill impairment testing under FASB ASC topic 350 
  • Impairment testing of long-lived assets under FASB ASC topic 360 
  • Stock-based compensation under FASB ASC topic 718 and 
  • Determining fair value of financial assets (including derivatives and swaps) under FASB ASC topic 820
Varsity Brands is a market-leading supplier in team sports equipment and apparel, cheerleading camps, competitions, and apparel, and scholastic achievement and commemorative materials.  The Company was recently acquired in a multi-billion dollar transaction by Bain Capital.

BVA performed a multi-discipline valuation analysis including the valuation of the Company’s real estate and leases, machinery and equipment, inventory, and intangible assets pursuant to ASC 805.  Additionally, BVA provided a valuation of the Company’s incentive stock options in compliance with ASC 718.

TZP Group LLC is a private equity firm focused on investments in U.S.-based business and consumer services companies with enterprise values generally up to $200 million.

BVA has performed annual valuations of all of TZP’s investments for financial reporting purposes since 2011.  BVA has also provided valuation analyses for goodwill impairment testing, purchase price allocations, and stock valuations for financial reporting purposes.

Diamond Castle is a private equity investment firm with approximately $2 billion of committed capital that was founded in 2004.

BVA has performed quarterly valuations of all of Diamond Castle’s investments for financial reporting purposes, including a horizontal drilling services company. BVA has also provided valuation analyses for impairment testing and transfer planning purposes.

Club Exploria Resorts, formerly known as Summer Bay Resorts is a diversified hospitality, development, and management company with a collection of resorts and hotels in Florida, Missouri, and Tennessee.

BVA provided purchase price allocation valuation services regarding the fair value of certain tangible and intangible assets that were acquired by Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. from Exploria.