Corporate Tax

BVA professionals have extensive experience in guiding corporations and their legal counsel through the myriad of valuation issues encountered amid the ever-evolving federal, state, and local tax regulations.  As one of the oldest independent valuation advisory firms in the United States, we have wide-ranging experience in minimizing risk for public and private companies of all stages and sizes in their tax compliance and planning.  Our corporate tax valuation and advisory professionals deliver defensible and efficient solutions in a variety of contexts, such as: 

  • Equity-based compensation–Internal Revenue Code ("IRC") 409(A) and 83(b) 
  • "C" corp to "S" corp conversion –IRC 1374 
  • Personal goodwill/non-compete valuations 
  • Executive compensation–IRC 280(g) 
  • Limitation on net operating loss carry forwards–IRC 38 
  • Like kind exchanges–IRC 103 
  • Valuation of restricted stock and derivatives 
  • Discounts on large blocks of public stock 
  • Securitized lending 
  • Transfer pricing 
  • Intangible assets, such as noncompetition agreements