From collusion among competitors to unilateral actions, anticompetitive behavior takes many forms.  BVA’s economists have extensive experience in guiding clients through a range of antitrust actions, including:  

  • Price-fixing and collusion 
  • Unlawful agreements between competitors 
  • Monopolization and market dominance 
  • Mergers and acquisitions 
  • Exclusive dealing and price squeezes 
  • Predatory pricing and exclusionary behavior 

BVA’s economic and financial experts are well-versed in applying the most sophisticated quantitative methods to address questions of liability, causation, and damages on behalf of our clients.  In addition, our professionals have earned a reputation for their ability to translate complex economic issues simply.  We provide services throughout the full lifecycle of an antitrust matter, including pre-discovery consulting support, guidance through settlement negotiations, preparation of defensible expert opinions, and expert testimony, for which our experience spans many jurisdictions around the world.  In addition, our experts have consulted and testified in matters involving a wide range of industries, such as financial markets, banking, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and manufacturing. 

Leaf Trading Cards, LLC v. The Upper Deck Company

Served as expert witness on behalf of a trading card manufacturer to opine on relevant product and geographic markets and the impact of alleged vertical restraints implemented by a competitor.

Oil and Gas Antitrust

Provided consulting services on behalf of the class of mineral interest owners to evaluate impact of alleged collusion of bids on oil and gas mineral rights royalties and lease bonuses.

Commodities Antitrust

Provided consulting services on behalf of world’s largest cotton trader to rebut allegations of market power and manipulation of futures market prices.

Commodities Antitrust

Computed damages and provided consulting services on behalf of a North American manufacturer alleging multiple global financial institutions colluded to artificially inflate prices on the London Metal Exchange.