Distressed situations require specialized skills. For debtors, creditors, and other stakeholders, timely, experienced financial advice is critical to protecting interests, preserving collateral, and stabilizing the going concern value of a debtor entity.  Whether acting in the role of financial advisor or taking an interim management role, BVA can provide skills and experience to help distressed debtors and creditors weather the storm.

  • Debtor advisory / CRO services: BVA’s professionals have decades of experience in navigating turnaround situations and managing financial crises. Whether serving in an advisory capacity or an interim management role, BVA’s experts are adept at developing and implementing turnaround plans.  In addition, our team has a practical understanding of the capital market realities at play and knows how to create deal structures that effectively calibrate capital structure with the operational outlook.
  • Liquidity and cash management:  BVA professionals are deeply experienced in establishing detailed cash flow models, requesting use of cash collateral, and longer-term financial planning.  BVA professionals work with debtor companies to analyze short-term liquidity needs, creating rolling 13-week cash flow forecasts and working with the debtor to identify existing cash reserves relative to immediate needs.  BVA professionals can also assist in identifying external sources of cash. 
  • Lender/creditor advisory services:  With significant experience advising debtors in distress, BVA’s experts are well equipped to help lenders and creditors interface with debtors, analyze forecasts, identify key issues and risks, and ask the right questions to prepare capably for the road ahead and fortify the best possible negotiating position to maximize recoveries under various strategic scenarios.  In addition, our experts are experienced at providing courtroom testimony.