Economic Damages

Businesses and investors operating in today’s competitive environment are increasingly exposed to complex commercial litigation that can threaten their business objectives and economic positions. We recognize the stakes involved, which is why we push relentlessly to provide a truly distinguished level of service to our clients. BVA’s professionals have substantial expertise and experience that enables us to offer valuable advice to our clients and insightful, compelling testimony to fact-finders on economic damages and other financial issues.

Our professionals have advised and testified on the full range of economic damages measures including:

  • Lost profits;
  • Lost value;
  • Unjust enrichment;
  • Benefit-of-the-bargain and reliance damages;
  • Reasonable royalties; and
  • Diminution of value.

Our experts have testified on economic damages in numerous state and federal courts, as well as arbitration, both in the U.S. and internationally. BVA’s service offering extends far beyond expert reports and testimony, however, as our professionals are often asked to advise in a consulting capacity throughout the litigation lifecycle on various issues, such as:

  • Early case assessment;
  • Assisting with discovery requests;
  • Identifying key financial issues;
  • Assessing the magnitude of various financial aspects of a case;
  • Analyzing the opposing side's claims;
  • Assisting in settlement negotiations and mediation; and
  • Preparing counsel for deposition and cross examination of opposing experts.

In partnering with BVA, our clients know they will receive not only a defensible expert opinion and testimony, but also a trusted advisor with the expertise and experience to help navigate complex financial issues often encountered in commercial litigation.