Liquidity and Cash Management

“Cash” is arguably the most frequently used word in a distressed company, and for good reason. 

Forecasting and managing cash is critical to any turnaround engagement. BVA professionals are deeply experienced in establishing detailed cash flow models for purposes of managing cash, requesting use of cash collateral, and longer-term financial planning. BVA professionals work with debtor companies to analyze short-term liquidity needs, creating rolling 13-week cash flow forecasts and working with the debtor to identify existing cash reserves relative to immediate needs.

BVA professionals can also assist in identifying external sources of cash. Relying upon decades of experience valuing thousands of middle market companies, including over 300 active clients, BVA provides credible expertise for navigating complex valuations of distressed and underperforming companies. Voted “Best for Business Valuation” by Texas Lawyer in 2015 and 2016, BVA’s approach can reveal a company’s fundamental valuation when traditional multiples fail, the sum-of-the-parts exceeds the whole, and illiquidity conceals upside optionality.