Lender/Creditor Advisory

With significant experience advising debtors in distress, BVA professionals are well equipped to help lenders and creditors interface with debtors, analyze forecasts, identify key issues and risks, and ask the right questions to prepare capably for the road ahead and fortify the best possible negotiating position to maximize recoveries under various strategic scenarios. 

BVA professionals enable our clients to hope for the best but plan for the worst, as we analyze liquidity, maturities, and covenants in addition to revenue growth and profitability of debtor(s), whether under bankruptcy protection or in the context of out-of-court restructurings. With a practical understanding of an investor’s perspective in the context of capital market realities, BVA professionals create effective deal structures to calibrate a company’s capital structure with its operational outlook.

If financial distress triggers a bankruptcy filing, BVA professionals can work with creditors to maximize recoveries, either individually or on behalf of a creditors’ committee. BVA has relevant relationships throughout the restructuring community to facilitate negotiations on behalf of creditors.

BVA professionals provide persuasive, skillful testimony with proven results in the courtroom. In partnership with lawyers, accountants, and turnaround consultants, BVA synthesizes financial, operational, legal, and tax solutions.