Debtor Advisory/CRO

Distressed companies require specialized skills. For debtors, creditors, and other stakeholders, timely, experienced financial advice is critical to protecting interests, preserving collateral, and stabilizing the going concern value of a debtor entity. Whether acting in the role of financial advisor or taking an interim management role, BVA can provide skills and experience to help distressed debtors weather the storm. 

BVA professionals have decades of experience in navigating turnaround situations and managing financial crises. With a practical understanding of an investor’s perspective in the context of capital market realities, BVA’s Restructuring professionals create effective deal structures to calibrate a company’s capital structure with its operational outlook.

Chapter 11 is not a process to undertake without a compass and a trusted team. BVA can help with pre-filing strategy, planning, and execution, such as:

  • Budgets and forecasts
  • Cash flow modeling and working capital management
  • Determination of critical vendors
  • Recommendations on contract acceptance/rejection
  • Lender and vendor negotiations
  • Preparation of SOFAs and Schedules for a Chapter 11 filing
  • Preparation of monthly operating reports required by the Bankruptcy Court
  • Developing a plan of reorganization, negotiating with stakeholders, and driving consensus
  • Working with DIP lenders or other sources of financing
  • Divesting of non-core assets
  • Selling material assets under §363