Deal Process and Dynamics

Businesses, investors, intermediaries, and other participants in today’s M&A and capital markets often encounter disputes, both in and out of litigation, relating to deal processes and dynamics. Whether related to due diligence, market testing procedures, the evolution of values throughout a sale process, or otherwise, BVA Group has substantial transaction expertise that enables us to offer valuable advice to our clients in connection with disputes or contemplated transactions. Our professionals are experienced transaction advisors, investors, and board members who understand the processes and dynamics at play in today’s business transactions and are experienced in providing expert testimony on complex business issues in a variety of venues.

Further, when disputes about purchase price adjustments and alleged breaches of financial representations arise, BVA has the expertise to analyze:

  • Net working capital, including any working capital true-ups
  • Reserves for bad debts
  • Unrecorded or disputed accounts payable
  • Inventory valuation and obsolescence
  • Contingent liabilities
  • Work-in-progress production estimates
  • The impact of ambiguous or inconsistent language in agreements

While BVA professionals are well-versed in providing expert testimony, BVA’s service offering extends far beyond expert reports and testimony. BVA is often asked to advise in a consulting capacity throughout the lifecycle of a case on various issues. Whether you are seeking a defensible expert opinion and testimony, a trusted advisor, or both, BVA has the expertise and experience to help you navigate the complex issues relating to deal process and dynamics you may encounter in a dispute or a contemplated transaction.