Corporate Governance and Fund Administration

Corporate governance and fund administration issues often play a central role in high-stakes commercial litigation, particularly in light of heightened scrutiny faced by boards and managers from investors and regulators such as the SEC. Whether related to insider transactions, incomplete or misleading disclosures, director independence, fiduciary duties, fraud/negligence, or other issues, BVA has the capabilities to analyze the situation and provide clear, persuasive expert testimony on complex issues. BVA brings a “real world” perspective to such matters, having advised companies, boards, and investment committees.

BVA experts work with registered investment advisor (RIA) clients to assess the impact of aberrations in investment performance and execution and to identify risks arising from return reporting and variations in portfolio strategies.  Our professionals have provided expertise and testimony in SEC and other investigations involving accounting irregularities, investment performance reporting, benchmarking, mark-to-market (MTM) accounting, and similar issues. Applying our expertise in financial economics and valuation, we provide insight into the unique features and complexities that characterize investments and investment strategy in today’s financial markets.