Antitrust/Competition Economics

From collusion among competitors to unilateral actions, anticompetitive behavior takes many forms. At BVA Group, our economists have guided clients to successful outcomes across a range of antitrust actions, including:

  • Price-fixing and collusion
  • Unlawful agreements between competitors
  • Monopolization and market dominance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Exclusive dealing and price squeezes
  • Predatory pricing and exclusionary behavior

In assessing questions of liability, causation, and damages BVA economic and financial experts apply the most sophisticated quantitative methods to assess these questions on behalf of our clients. By combining economic theory with robust empirical methods, we develop the analytical framework required to define relevant markets, examine the impact of competitive and regulatory changes, and establish causal economic relationships. In the context of antitrust class actions, we evaluate the appropriateness of class-wide treatment, test the implications of theories of common impact, and quantify class-wide economic damages.

Our experts offer an array of services and are adept at translating complex economic issues into understandable insights. We provide pre-discovery consulting support and assist our clients through settlement negotiations. Our experts are experienced in supporting our findings with sworn testimony in jurisdictions around the world.  We have worked on a wide range of antitrust and regulatory matters in industries including financial markets, banking, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and manufacturing.