New challenges and substantial growth opportunities continue for telecommunication companies. Whether the growth is in expanded services in developed countries or penetrating communications services in developing regions, opportunities abound. Communications is frequently the core of innovation and progress in many industries, including the continued expansion of mobile communications which can drive business decisions. BVA professionals have experience and can provide solutions, calculate economic effects and provide insight in the telecommunications field.

  1. In an International Arbitration, BVA provided consulting and expert testimony to a Latin American telecommunications company in a dispute with an IT systems corporation regarding a failed enterprise systems solution including software development, hardware replacement, and management of the IT infrastructure.
  2. BVA professionals provided valuation services to a Puerto Rican wireless communications company including purchase price allocation and annual impairment review.
  3. BVA provided consulting and expert testimony to an international telecommunications equipment provider in connection with a litigation matter regarding a failed venture that attempted to provide wireless service in a Western African country.